The First & Only US Patented Method for Multi-Layer Eyelash Extensions

Lôngmi Lashes is the first & only US Patented Method for Multi-Layer Eyelash Extensions – certified by the creator of the technique, Daniel Dinh. Our products are official Lôngmi products -The First & Only US Patented Branch Lashes with Tapered Root End™. Our lashes in various lengths and width allow the technician to enhance your lashes to look as natural or dramatic as you desire.

Lôngmi’s multiple layer technique is different from the single layer techniques our competitors offer:

  • Unlike single layer techniques, the multiple layer technique will separate each of your individual eye lashes and apply multiple individual extensions. This allows us to completely customize the look of your eyelash extensions, making them fuller with more volume than you though possible.
  • There is less chance of damage to your real lashes. Why? Because we work on your natural lashes individually, they won’t stick together when the process is complete. This allows them to grow freely and live their complete natural life-cycle as if extensions were never applied.
  • With this technique we are able to attach each extension very close to the base of the lash without touching your skin — thus, the glue is less likely to irritate or block your pores and prevent lash growth. They’ll just keep growing free and healthy.
  • We use extremely light weight individual extensions with different lengths, thicknesses and curves to create your custom look without putting too much stress on any individual natural lash.